Forcorp/TMAC custom designed Cable Earth Reel awarded 1st Runner Up at IFAP Safety Innovation Awards

An Auto Retractable cable Earth reel TMAC collaborated on with Forcorp for Horizon Power 威而鋼
was recently awarded 1st Runner Up award as part of the Industry Foundation for Accident Prevention (IFAP) Safety Innovation Awards.


Horizon had approached Forcorp to design a mounted, retractable earth reel as employees had raised concerns about carrying out vehicle earthing in proximity to live electrical infrastructure. Employees had to manually uncoil the 14 metre earthing lead and grounding stake from the vehicle to install it in the ground. There had been issues with the lead falling off and being dragged behind the vehicle – causing damage and a general hazard to the public.


Forcorp, a leading Australian wholesaler to Power Utilities and Contractors, collaborated with TMAC to design an innovative Auto retractable Earth reel which reduces the potential risk of injury, electrocution and equipment damage. Forcorp had searched worldwide to find an auto retract earthing reel that met the required industry rating. In the end, they sourced a Hannay earthing reel, which is unique with its Heavy Duty Industrial steel construction, being fully serviceable and easy to maintain. It’s also independently tested to 43 kA for 30 cycles, which is well above what is required for both Distribution and Transmission Earthing. TMAC made the earths up, then installed and tested them on the reels.

Alison Westerman, Forcorp’s Managing Director, said when they needed a company to design the reel, they immediately thought of TMAC.

“We’ve partnered with TMAC for over 10 years and we go to TMAC when we need custom designed Earthing. They are one of the most reliable providers in this space, and have the strongest knowledge base across the board. The team there is great to work with as well. They’re always there to back us up.”

TMAC’s Managing Director, Peter Pearce, believes it’s their reputation for delivering products of exceptional quality and safety that make the company a ‘go to’ for custom designed tools for the energy sector. “Our commitment first and foremost is to delivering products which meet 100% of a customer’s brief. In the energy sector, the main criteria is always safety. We’re very proud to play a part of this award. It was great to see that Horizon went on to receive a Gold Safety Achievement Award at the recent IFAP’s Safe Way Achiever Awards as well.”