Reflecting on 70 years in the industry with a walk around historical Brisbane

Recently our team celebrated TMAC’s 70 years in the industry with a walk around some of Brisbane’s beautiful heritage sites. TMAC first started in 1949 in Sydney before opening a branch in Kangaroo Point in 1967. At the foot of the iconic Story Bridge, Kangaroo Point is one of Brisbane’s heritage areas. My father Norm Pearce started working there as Manager before going on to purchase the company in the 1980s.

My father laid the foundation of TMAC’s ‘Active Innovation’ brand promise and established the company’s original Design & Development capabilities that have delivered innovative and unique technologies to the industry ever since.

We reflected that our culture and values today are the same as those of the people involved in the construction of the Story Bridge and other buildings built at the turn of last century – pushing boundaries, innovate, teamwork, quality and reliability.  We believe our commitment to these values is part of the reason TMAC is still going strong after 70 years.

Our tour took in the Treasury Building (built over 40 years from 1886 – 1928). Originally known as the New Public Offices, this building now houses the Treasury Casino. We visited the Botanical Gardens with their majestic Bunya Mountain pine trees and then went on to Brisbane City Hall, which up until the mid-70s was the tallest building in Brisbane.

My father joined us at the end of our tour back at TMAC head office. Now 94, Norm is still interested in the energy sector and TMAC’s various projects. The technologies mig犀利士
ht have changed, but our passion and commitment to the industry have not.