TMAC visits long term partner Taiguang, China’s leading manufacturer of composite insulators

Earlier this year, our Product Development officer Keith Calder and our Managing Director Peter Pearce travelled to Zibo in China’s Shandong Province to visit our partner, the Taiguang Electrical Equipment Company.

Taiguang is considered to be the number one manufacturer of composite insulators in China. We work closely together to develop many products for our Australian energy sector customers and Taiguang has been supplying our composite insulator requirements for almost 15 years.

TMAC team members regularly visit Taiguang and our other partners located in China. We have also developed additional quality control inspection systems at TMAC for incoming shipments of insulators.

“We have developed a long term relationship base犀利士
d on trust, effective communication and a clear understanding of the high level of quality expected. We appreciate partnering with manufacturers like Taiguang which have the capabilities and QA systems to deliver a quality product consistently, along with one who is pro-active in meeting delivery targets,” said Peter Pearce, TMAC’s Managing Director.

Our cultures may be different, but our two companies align in our commitment to quality, delivery timelines and effective communication.