Current Transformer Tester

Transformer Testing – Current Transformers

Part number: CTTx5

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Current transformer tester, that offers Automatic & Manual testing modes. Designed to deliver fast and reliable measurements.


  • High resolution colour display allows operator to create and save repeatable test plans
  • All tests are performed in automatic sequence without the need for operator intervention
  • Rugged design to meet the most demanding field test environments
  • Large internal memory (200 testing files where each can have of up to 10 excitation curves & 140 Test plans files)
  • All CT nameplate and equipment details are stored with the test result file Built-in thermal Printer
  • QWERTY keyboard for easy on site data entry
  • 2000 V AC Saturation test voltage with knee point voltage markers (ANSI 10/50, IEC 60044, IEEE 30 & IEEE45)
  • Fast full testing operation. Manual mode is available for trouble shooting and special diagnostic testing
  • Burden mode makes it possible to analyze the secondary circuit connected to the CT
  • Easy setup of Test Plans are created on the instrument Convenient Integrated test leads storage compartment
  • Automatic test report creation
  • User selectable time duration for insulation resistance test (10 to 60 Sec)


  • CT Saturation/Excitation
  • CT Ratio, Polarity & Phase angle
  • CT Winding Resistance
  • CT Insulation resistance
  • CT Burden