LV Temporary Crossarm – Stobie Pole

LV Temporary Crossarm for Stobie Pole

Part number: TM12996

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Designed to support energized / de-energized LV conductors while a damaged permanent crossarm is removed and replaced on a Stobie Pole. Developed in conjunction with a leading Australian utility, it enables the changeover operation to be carried out quickly and safely while the line remains live.


  • Non-conductive connection points can be easily re-positioned for different conductor spacing
  • Light-weight – suited for single-person operation
  • Attached to Stobie pole using a mounting clamp bracket or mast
  • Versatile – can be used for intermediate or strain structures
  • High-quality insulating fiberglass
  • No supply interruption
  • Quick, easy and safe
  • Contributes to reducing costs and increasing productivity

Refer to User Guide supplied with each device for more details on ratings.


User Instructions Stobie Pole Temporary Crossarm Kit