Non-contact voltage detector tester

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Part number: TM00600

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High Voltage Testers – Accessories

Provides an electric field to test the operation of capacitive coupled HV test equipment under simulated voltage conditions. The ELFE is powered by a standard 9 V battery which is user-replaceable in the field. It provides a positive test at all voltage range settings to ensure that there are no internal faults in the HV tester from the sensor head to the measurement circuit.


To operate, set the HV tester to the required voltage range. Hold the end of the ELFE against the pick-up head of the HV tester, then press the push button on the opposite end of the ELFE.

Once the HV tester has indicated correctly it is then used in the approved manner to test for energised or de-energised conductors as required.

When this test is complete, the ELFE is used again to re-check the operation of the HV tester, completing the «before» and «after» test sequences, or as required by relevant safety codes.


ø 51.5 x 185 mm

Weight:   425 g