PDS – Partial Discharge Scanner

Partial Discharge – Portable Scanner – PDS – Partial Discharge Scanner

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Partial Discharge – Portable Scanner

Online partial discharge detection on underground cable accessories and equipment for security/maintenance purposes. This equipment is perfect for a high voltage predictive maintenance program. The PDS is very accurate in detecting partial discharge on cable joints (XLPE/EPR type), switchgear, elbows, Cable Terminations and more.

The PDS indicates the intensity of the partial discharges, converting the electrical charge units (pC) into decibels (dB). Thus, the reading is kept as a simple intensity level indication, proportional to the probability of a fault’s presence in the tested joint.


Sensor: Dual-mode sensor with capacitive and inductive sensors.  Insulated by a Plastisol, which is also abrasion-resistant

Detection: High-frequency (100 MHz and more)

Audio: Audio indication corresponding to the level displayed

Intensity Range: 0-54 dB

Sensitivity: 100 to 25 000 pC

Battery: 4 x AA Battery Life: 30 hours of continuous use

Included Accessories: Protective bag, Insulated extensions x 2 – 300 mm each and Product Manual


This insulated and waterproof capacitive probe catches the electric field sharp variatons that characterise partial discharges. It integrates both capacitive and inductive sensors to allow partial discharges detection in virtually any cable configuration.

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