Personal Safety Voltage Detector

High Voltage Testers – Proximity Testers – Personal Safety Voltage Detector

Part number: TM12588

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High Voltage Testers – Proximity Testers

Provides a visual and audible warning when approaching high voltage. For all trained personnel such as linesmen, electricians, engineers and emergency rescue personnel.

Waterproof Design with self-test. Use as an arm band or mount on a helmet. Compliant to EN 61326-1 CISPR11 IEC 61000-4-2 IEC 61000-4-3.


Indication: Flashing Red LED and Intermittent beep

Activation Range: Starts at 80 cm for 11kV Phase Volts

Volume: 70 dB minimum at 1 meter

Frequency Range: 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Operating Temperature: 5 °C – 45 °C

Power Source: CR20322 lithium button-cells (3 V)

Battery Life: Over 50 hours of continuous use

Weight: 35 g (battery included) Dimensions: 59 x 56 x 18 mm

Accessories: Instruction Manual, Strap and Battery