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Operating Sticks and Adaptors – Shotgun / Ring

Part number: Shotgun / Ring Operating Sticks
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BLUE STRIPE® Shotgun Sticks are manufactured from the highest electrical grade insulated fibreglass and meet or exceed all applicable industry performance criteria including ASTM F711, IEC 855, and OSHA Sub. R Section 1910.269 (J) and OSHA Sub. V Section 1926.951(d).

Fibreglass Shotgun Sticks for Live Line and Network Operations.


  • BLUE STRIPE® Shotgun Sticks
  • External Operating Rod
  • Foam-filled with closed cell foam
  • Stainless Steel Operating Hook
  • When the patented BLUE STRIPE® is facing up, the hook is positioned to open downward
  • Models can be supplied with an end cap, or universal fitting on the base.
  • Protective cases available upon request.