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Solon Belleville Washers

Solon Belleville Springs are used in a variety of applications where high spring loads are required within a very small space. They are very effective where bolt tension loss occurs due to thermal cycling, contraction of bolted members and vibration-induced loosening. Solon Belleville Springs retain their compressive energy indefinitely under normal loads. They can help problematic electrical connections that have vibration, differential thermal expansion, relaxation and bolt creep.

Solon Flange Washers

Solon Flange Washers are a type of Belleville spring. The main distinction of the flange washer design relative to most Belleville spring designs is that the OD/ID ratio is small to fit standard flanges. Solon Flange Washers are designed to maintain sufficient bolt tension and resultant gasket pressure. This allows the flange washers to be used in applications where bolts are in close proximity. In addition, the flat loads for flange washers are generally high to meet the demands of many flange live-loading applications.

Materials & Specifications

Solon Belleville Springs and Solon Flange Washers and Solon Disc Springs are designed and manufactured using materials and coatings that offer the best spring performance for a specific material class.

More than 2000 types and are available in various sizes.

Material types available include Alloy steel, 301 Stainless Steel, 17-7PH Stainless Steel, Inconel 718, Phosphor Bronze and H-13 Tool Steel.

We offer springs manufactured to DIN 2093, AISI and ASTM specifications and are RoHs Compliant.

Contact TMAC for further information on dimensions and technical literature.