Lee Vaughan Cable Identifier MKIV

Cable Test and Identification – Cable Identifiers – Lee Vaughan Cable Identifier MKIV

Part number: TM10859

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Accurate and positive identification of High Voltage power cables prior to spiking or commencing work for de-energized cables.

Consists of a transmitter, receiver and headset in a sturdy foam-lined plastic carry case. Access to both ends of the DEAD cable is required. A short circuit is placed across two healthy cores at the far end of the cable to be identified. The transmitter is connected to the same two cores at the near end, and when switched on, emits a pulsed signal that can be picked up by the receiver at the identification point.

By following the test procedure, the correct cable is identified from the combination of a distinctive tone in the head set and an accompanying deflection on the meter of the receiver.


Transmitter Signal: 1.6 kHz interrupted Power output minimised to avoid adjacent cable pickup

Battery: 4 x AA per unit

Dimensions: Transmitter & Receiver 175 x 90 x 45 mm

Carrying Case: 360 x 270 x 90 mm

Weight (including case): 1.7 kg