Parrot-beak Cutter and Optional Insulated Head

Insulated Tools – Parrot-beak Cutter and Optional Insulated Head

Part number: TM10229

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  • VDEGS 1000V 2004Genuine single handed tool
  • No awkward jamming of the blade
  • Cutting can be interrupted at any point in the cut
  • Professional multi-layer dipped insulation
  • Blades can be opened by depressing spring loaded lever
  • Spare blades and spare parts available
  • New blades can be fitted without disturbing the insulation
  • Only for copper and aluminium cable up to 32 mm multi-conductor cable or 250 mm on wire conductor

Part number 252532  Overall length 310mm Max cutting capacity 32mm / 250mm²  weighs 1.00kg
Optional insulation working head cover – Part No. 252550