Do Not Operate Applicator Tool

DNOB Applicator and Removal Tool

When line crews attend a site, they cannot begin work until the link switch is open and the Do Not Operate Banner (DNOB) is applied to the power lines. The DNOB applicator is custom designed by TMAC to complete both of these actions in one step. This innovative product is now used extensively across the networks of power utility companies.



Part number: TM00838

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DNOB (Do Not Operate Board) applicator tool is designed based on customer request and necessity of the electricity network operator. The tool has dual operation to operate the link switch and place the DNOB at the same time.


  • Innovative design with dual operation (Operating link switch & Applying/Removing DNOB marker)
  • Ease of use with universal sunrise adaptor
  • DNOB marker held securely while raising telescopic stick
  • Saves time
  • Crew get to work more quickly
  • Designed, manufacture and assembled in Australia
  • Do Not Operate Marker – NOT INCLUDED

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DNOB Marker Applicator / Removal Tool Brochure

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