For Un-Bonded Semi-Conductor

Cable and Conductor Preparation – For Un-Bonded Semi-Conductor

Part number: TM12528

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A plated metal body tool suitable for scoring a helical or longitudinal cut on a cold-strippable (peelable) semi-conductive layered high voltage XLPE or EPR insulated cable. Not suitable for stripping extruded or bonded semi-conductive layers.

The tool adjusts for cable diameters from 13 – 42 mm (over semi-conductor) and has an additional adjustment for depth of scoring blade. The cutting head is spring-loaded to allow for out-of-round cable. Supplied with ten spare replaceable cutting blades and 2 mm allen key. (Recommended replaceable blades are Stanley brand, type 11-300 or equivalent with approximately 0.32 mm thickness). Not an insulated tool.