TMAC Generation Signalling Device (GSD) – AFLC

Part number: TM01714

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The Generation Signalling Device (GSD) provides a means of controlling the generation capability of AS4777 compliant solar inverters during emergency situations by asserting DRM0 on the inverter DRED port when the level of renewable generation becomes a threat to grid stability.  This provides electricity network operators the ability to implement emergency protocols to ensure continuity of supply when the only alternative would otherwise be widespread power outages for customers.

As the Generation Signalling Device is based on ripple control technology, this unit receives Audio Frequency Load Control (AFLC) signals to directly activate the appropriate inverter  generation modes.

The GSD is capable of activating two different levels of generation limiting on AS4777 compliant solar inverters:

  • DRM0 which completely disconnects the inverter from the electricity grid. The minimum required to meet the Australian standard AS4777
  • DRM6 which limits the inverter generating capacity to 50% of the average output measured over the last 5 minutes.


  • Overall Dimension: 174 x 38 x 26mm
  • Supply Voltage Range 216-264VAC 50Hz
  • Power Consumption 0.2W Max
  • DRM0, DRM6 available
  • IP64 Enclosure (Suitable for mounting in areas exposed to weather)
  • SAA Approvals Number – SAA172887



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TMAC GSD Data Sheet

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