Low Voltage Rescue Kit

LV Switchboard Rescue Kit

Part number: TM11732

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Used for safe rescue of victims of electric shock or other injuries when working on Low Voltage switchboards in electricity supply and industrial substations. For maximum 1000 V application.

NOTE: Not approved for rescue from MV or HV switchboards.


  • High quality fibreglass Rescue Hook tested and rated for LV use
  • High quality torch (battery supplied)
  • High visibility carry bag
  • Meets electricity supply utility requirements

Used for

  • Locating and isolating supply
  • Protecting the rescuer
  • Retrieving the victim
  • Providing essential first aid


  1. Class 0 Gloves to IEC 60903
  2. Insulated LV rescue hook
  3. Waterproof Torch LED (with battery)
  4. Multi-trauma dressing
  5. Fire blanket 1800 x 1200 mm to AS 3504
  6. Isolation sign

Also available with Test Certificate at an extra cost

NOTE: There is no Australian Standard which specifically covers rescue kits. Refer to the ENA guidelines “National guideline for management of tools and equipment used in the electricity supply industry” for further information.


TM11732 Data Sheet