TMAC Cable Core Identifier

Cable Test and Identification – Core Identifiers – Tmac Cable Core Identifier

Part number: TM10840

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Clearly identifies the cores and their sequence in a three-phase power cable. Indication of the action to be taken to correct the core sequence, or to remove a fault on any cable core(s). Uses a transmitter unit with LED indicators at the measuring end, and an array of colour-coded diodes with connecting clips to fix the diode leads to the remote end of the cable to be checked.

The CCI is for use on DE-ENERGISED CABLES ONLY. Therefore correct operating procedures must be employed to ensure the cable is de-energised and any voltage discharged before connection of the CCI or its diode array.


  • Indicates correctly matched cores & phase rotation sequences between ends
  • Indicates individual faults such as –

–  Two phases reversed

–  Phases rotated forwards / backwards in sequence

–  Earths in place on cable

–  Equipment connected to cable (not properly isolated)

–  Open-circuited or short-circuited cores

  • Self-test
  • For cables up to 33 kV, lengths up to 10 km


  • Charging Circuit Voltage: 3.8-4.4 V DC
  • Charging Resistance: 100 _
  • Maximum cable core loop resistance: 28  _
  • Maximum core voltage drop: 1.4 V DC
  • Nominal charging current: 50 mA
  • Charging time (to 2 V DC): 100 ms
  • Battery:  9 V
  • IP Rating: IP32
  • Weight:  320 g



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