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TMAC Generation Signalling Device (GSD) – AFLC

The Generation Signalling Device (GSD) provides a means of controlling the generation capability of AS4777 compliant solar inverters during emergency situations.


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A number of our exclusive TMAC products are patented and we are established market leaders in portable earthing equipment and overhead power line construction equipment.

A trusted partner of the Australian energy sector since 1949

TMAC was established in the 1940s. Such longevity in the market has been achieved through a continual commitment to achieving excellence in design, meeting and exceeding the client brief, and a refusal to compromise on quality.

A trusted partner of the Australian energy sector since 1949
since 1949

Active Innovation

The idea of Active Innovation and always striving for continuous improvement is the driving force behind our brand and at the heart of everything we do.

The videos below showcase our design and development process; the attention to detail, collaboration with the client and commitment to meeting 100% of our client’s needs.

Products designed and developed by TMAC for the Australian Energy Sector

Universal Pole Platform

TMAC developed the Universal Pole Platform (UPP), which attaches safely and securely to any power pole, allowing the operator to stand on a stable, safe, wide platform on a power pole for extended periods.

Hazemeyer Portable Earthing Device

TMAC has developed a Hazemeyer Earthing System allowing the user to isolate each earth individually to conduct repairs and testing, while still maintaining safety.


When line crews attend a site, they cannot begin work until the link switch is open and the Do Not Operate Banner (DNOB) is applied to the power lines. TMAC have developed a DNOB applicator that completes both of these actions in one step.

Future Grid

Energy solutions for now and the future.

We are committed to adding value every step of the way and helping our customers find better ways to keep pace with the ever-changing energy sector.

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